Can a ghost follow you home?


This is a very common question in the paranormal field. As a paranormal researcher, I have read, heard stories, and studied this subject over and over again. To be blunt, and pull no punches the answer is YES, a ghost, or spirit can follow a person home. This doesn’t mean that everyone will have a ghost as a stalker, or unwelcome guest. It is very possible for a ghost to follow someone after they have had some kind of contact, or been in a haunted environment. I say it is possible, not that it will happen, but it can.

I don’t believe that there are ghosts just hanging around waiting to hitchhike a ride with you. There have been many reported cases of people who have gone on a trip to Gettysburg, or snuck into a reportedly haunted location, and returned home with a ghost whom had followed them. There is a theory that a ghost or spirit may feel they have a kinship with a person. A certain person may remind the ghost of a loved one, or spouse, or family member that they miss very much. Most earthbound spirits, I believe are here because they are lost, or have some kind of unfinished business here on Earth. There are other spirits here for other reasons (Demonic Spirits, evil spirits, ect….), but that is a totally different subject.

There have been reports of a person who went to a Department Store, bought a Ouija Board, and took it home. The first contact the person had was from a spirit that said it had followed the person home, because it was waiting for someone to buy a Ouija Board, and knew it could get a message to someone when the person decided to use the board.

There have been many reported cases of individuals using a Ouija Board, making a contact with using the board, and having a unwelcome ghost as a new roommate. This is a big problem with Ouija Boards. You are inviting a ghost into your house, to make contact with you. If it decides it likes you, or can manipulate you, it may to try and stay.

Other cases have been documented of individuals using dowsing rods, having entities attaching themselves to the user of the rods. Let me try and explain this in simple terms. Envision an electric appliance, it has a cord that you plug into an electrical socket. When you plug the cord into the socket it allows the energy from the power source to flow through the cord and into the appliance. My theory on this is exactly that. The user of the dowsing rods is the “appliance”, the rods themselves are the “Cord”, and the attaching entity is the power source. When you are using the rods, you are inviting an entity or energy source to use the rods to communicate with you. You are holding the rods in your hands, thus, using your physical body. It is possible for the energy of the entity to travel through the rods and into the user, thereby attaching itself to the user of the rods. This has happened to Ghost Hunters, and Novices alike. All the entity needs is an invitation, and a way in.

The East Coast Angels Paranormal Investigation team takes precautions before, during, and after an investigation to prevent an entity attaching itself, or following an investigator home. How do we do it? That’s a good question. Before an investigation we all take part in prayer of protection. During the investigation investigators, and tech specialists are in no way permitted to use dowsing rods, Ouija Boards, or any other Occult device to communicate with possible entities. We only use electronic equipment to capture activity and record it. We do not use any devices that require the Investigator or Tech Specialist to use their physical body as a communication device. After the investigation, once again we all take part in a prayer, only this time it is a prayer of cleansing ourselves. This lets any entities know they are not allowed, or welcome to follow any of us home, and they need to stay at the location we have investigated. ECAngels takes this topic very seriously, as we all have families, and friends that do not want a ghost to follow us home.

It is not always the case that a ghost followed a person home, but an item, or object. A ghost, or spirit can attach itself to an item also. If in life a person loved an item so much, the person’s spirit may attach itself to it after death. So if you buy something from an estate sale, or yard sale, and strange things start happening in your home, it is possible you bought an item that a spirit loved so much, it doesn’t want to leave the item. I’m not saying, “Don’t buy anything used.” I buy used items all the time and never had a problem. I am saying, “If you do buy something used, and strange things start happening, this may be the cause.” It also may not be the cause, but consider the possibility.

To sum this up, yes, it is possible for a ghost to follow you home. It is a very rare occurrence, but it does happen. Once again Ouija boards and their involvement in paranormal activity, and hauntings comes up again. Anything that requires you to hold the item for it to work (dowsing rods, Ouija Planchette, ect…) can open your energy up to be entered by an outside entity or ghost (spirit). My advice to anyone working in the Paranormal Field is “Protect yourself, and your team.”

If you feel that something has followed you, give us a call, or email us at We can help you find out, and give you answers to your many questions.

— Michael "SAL" Salerno
ECAngels Director

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